Building relationships

Offering the best services to small and medium businesses present globally

Every act of yours determines the path you are shaping up for yourself, your customers, your employees, your dependants.

That’s why building a business is an interesting journey.

Starlly has been serving customers for the past 6+ years with software products and software services. It has met with success and few learnings( failures) in equal measures. Has been successful in venturing out new verticals too, which have been a new learning for us.

What do we work on?

Software Development Resource Augmentation

No Code Development Video/Audio editing

SaaS products

How has been the journey so far?

Great, learning, dud in the face moments and yes looking forward to work with great subordinates and customers who value long term relationships.

What’s this Newsletter is all about?

This newsletter is focused on providing value to business owners, starters and find a way to also learn from others, what you will see in coming days are the following topics

  • Sharing the journey

  • Sharing learnings

  • Relevant tech interviews

  • Introducing new creators

  • Tips for choosing right tech partner

  • No Code Vs Code

  • AI and why we need more of it

  • Customer engagement ( small and medium business)

  • How to get the first customer online

  • The kit needed for your SaaS business

  • Content distribution - but why?

  • Salary - what about it

  • Building a team and not a family

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Lets keep building and learning and growing.